Get Ready to Embrace The Industrial Revolution 4.0(IR4)

It’s happening. The fourth industrial revolution is impacting the future of the work. Amazing things are happening in technology today. Lives are being saved. Economies are being transformed. Day-to-day activities are being simplified. The Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 is incredibly changing the way we live, work and communicate.

Sounds dramatic?

Check this out:

  • Smart Watches are helping doctors diagnose heart problems
  • Drones are delivering critical supplies to disaster zones
  • 3D printers are creating prosthetics for children
  • The Owlet smart sock is saving the lives of babies

And the good news is IR4 is paving the way for new opportunities.

Industry 4.0 Could Create Millions of New Jobs

- Furturithmic

Why the Fourth Industrial Revolution Could Spell More Jobs – Not Fewer

- World Economic Forum

As the world gets more automated, you need to develop skills that will help you succeed in the future. That’s why, at SG Academy, we have taken the initiative to offer cutting-edge training programs that will prepare you for the jobs of the future.


(Asia Expertise and Talents for the Digital Economy)

Malaysia’s first-of-its-kind & most comprehensive IR4 Makerspace Upskilling Programs that is primed to advance your knowledge and skill base in the digital economy

This training will help you gain extensive knowledge of Industrial Revolution 4.0, laying strong foundation skills in several pillars associated with IR 4.0 automation process system.

You will build a fully automated real-world project in groups. This includes System integration, Big Data, Data analytics, Cloud Computing, IOT and Cognitive computing.

Upon successful completion of the training, you will gain the following knowledge and skills:

Programming algorithm that can be applied across any programming language

Open source IOT platform to analyse and visualize data

Build Real-world Model with IOT capabilities

Connect and Collect data from sensors

Send data via Cloud computing for centralized monitoring via mobile devices

Build custom Web based dashboards for IOT data Analytics and Visualization

Enhance your Creativity, Problem Solving and Computational Thinking

Invent new products by applying the knowledge learned


Who Should Attend?

Individuals or Organizations with an interest implementing Real-Time Embedded System

Explore Entadge Upskilling Programs Designed to Make You Future-Ready

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Fundamentals

Assured Embedded System and The Internet of Things with Real-Time OS (RTOS)

Assured UI Programming with Microsoft .Net C# For Physical Computing

Google AI Go Programming Machine Learning Fundamentals

Now are you ready to propel your career in the IR4.0 era?

Yes! I’m ready to level up my skills

What makes Entadge Malaysia’s finest IR4 upskilling training program

Makerspace Learning Environment

Characterized by open source innovation and learning- by-doing, Makerspace offers hands-on, creative, and immersive ways to design, build experiment, and invent projects with state-of-the-art facilities.


With City and Guild digital credentials, accreditation and certification to this form of supplemented learning will further ignite your interest to pursue in-depth studies in the areas of IR4.0.


With more than 100s of Industry trainers, subject-matter experts and industry practitioners who have more than 25 years of working experience in the similar field, our custom-designed training programs will help you manage, change, transform and move quickly to create better solutions for your market.

Industry Led Projects

When you attend our trainings, you’ll be coached to complete industry led projects that are relevant and can apply at workplace soon after completing the trainings.


You will implement real-world projects involving System Integration, Automation, gathering data, sending, storing and analyzing it in the engaging Makerspace learning environment.

You will build full end-to-end project gathering information from field devices such as sensors and sending them over the internet via cloud computing to an IOT platform for Data Analytics.

You will also develop programming algorithms to read data from field devices (e.g. Sensors], control actuators and complete a close-loop automation process system